“The Jessica foundation allowed us to have family and friends support Lauren’s treatments, by issuing a charitable tax receipt” or “this allowed us to try a therapy we would not be able to without the generosity of Jessica foundation.”

Lauren’s Family, Toronto
Condition: Lyme

The Hbot has helped my son with auditory processing of speech and I noticed speech that is more functional.

The amount of money of donation aided us to financially afford a great and otherwise expensive treatment.

Thank you.

J. Family, Toronto
Condition: Autism

 The past year was one of the hardest years that anyone can experience. My son, Karam had a near-drowning accident that resulted in hypoxic insult in the brain. He was unable to move, fix his eyes on objects, and follow. He was in a different world. We tried lots of treatment, medication to increase his awareness…we were not as successful as we wished.

After 7 months, we decided to try the oxygen therapy and I wished we had known and tried it before.

My son’s awareness increased, his stiffness decreased so much that he can move them more freely and thank God I can say now that I see the light at the end of the road.

Jessica Foundation helped us continue seeing this improvement by providing funding and we will keep on doing it until we have our son Karam back.


The Obid Family, Saudi Arabia
Condition: Near-Drowning

On behalf of me and my 12yr old son Tyler, we would like to thank the Jessica Foundation for your generous help, in funding 20 hyperbaric oxygen therapy treatments. Tyler has autism his speech was very delayed, questions were answered using one word and now, after about the 15th day of HBOT treatment he was able to answer a question using sentences and even request his needs in sentences. His teacher also reported that he was now thinking before he acts. Tyler still has a long way to go but with the help I received, I was able to continue with another 20 treatments. We would like to thank them again, it is one of the few charitable foundation where 100 per cent of your money goes in research and help for the families like mine.

Jaimanni & Tyler, Pickering, ON
Condition: Autism

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