Today we are thrilled to announce with your generosity over the last nine months, we were able to provide eight families with subsidized hyperbaric oxygen therapy sessions.

Total donations to date - $32,000! This allowed us to donate 180 hyperbaric treatments.

We would like to thank the following companies and individuals for your generousity.

  • Jennifer Politi and The Longo’s Family Charitable Foundation

  • Our past HBOT client, that prefers to remain anonymous. Touched by the child he seen everyday, he just decided to donate twenty sessions directly to him. 

  • Ruth Young for the donating a Hoyer Power Lift & Wheelchair

  • Laurie-Anne Fayle. You were challenged to match a donation of 20 HBOT session; instead, you donated 100 hyperbaric oxygen therapy sessions...Thank you sincerely for believing so strongly that our children and loved ones can get better that you put everything on the line to open this centre. Love you my friend.



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