Ontario Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Centre

Our Centre

We understand that stress is an everyday reality for most of our families and we have endeavoured to create a comfortable centre, with friendly staff that understands...This is your centre and we want you and your family to enjoy your experience with us.

We offer our clients;

  • A spacious and comfortable centre with over 4000sq ft of space.
  • Spacious mono-placed chambers with CD & DVD features - No hoods or masks.
  • Ground floor location; A fully wheelchair accessible centre.
  • Complimentary parking.
  • A private infrared sauna (a wonderful way to detoxify & chelate) and shower room. This is a complimentary service for our hyperbaric clients.
  • Multiple changerooms.
  • A centre made and maintained using no-VOC (off-gassing) products (including the linens & bedding used inside of our chambers).
  • Advanced payment price break on packages of 40 or more sessions.
  • A 10% discount with Spectrum Supplements. http://www.spectrumsupplements.com
  • Wireless internet connection to use during your loved ones treatment.
  • A very large selection of DVD's to watch during your treatment.
  • A vast array of delicious fresh-brewed coffee, organic teas and reverse osmosis water (re-usable, no BPA water containers provided to our clients).
  • Early morning, evening & weekend appointments.
  • Centrally located in Toronto/North York, Ontario; Easily accessible by four major highways (Dufferin exit off the 401). 
  • Located a mere 300 feet from public transit access (TTC)
  • A playroom/lounge with large screen TV and cable.
  • A selection of 100% cotton chamber scrubs to wear during your treatment. Sizes range from a childs XS to an adults 5XL.
  • A quiet room for naps and/or if you need a bit more room to prepare for treatment.
  • An overall client & family friendly environment of relaxation, support and understanding.
  • O2

Our Chambers

  • To ensure our clients the highest level of safety and comfort, we have chosen to facilitate our centre with monoplace chambers provided by Perry Baromedical, a world leader in the manufacture, installation and service of hyperbaric oxygen therapy systems since 1956. All our chambers were manufactured in February 2010.
  • Cool and quiet treatment in individual mono-chamber compartments
  • Our chamber mattresses, pillows and linens has been custom made using organic and non-off gassing product and materials.
  • Linens are changed and chamber cleaned after every treatment.
  • No "hoods" required; allows ease of movement.
  • Large internal diameter cylinder spacious enough for two adults to treat simultaneously
  • Extra wide stretcher with patient safety handrails
  • Certified for patients up to 500 lbs.
  • 19" flat screen TV with CD and DVD features
  • Two-way communication system allow for constant patient to technician communication.
  • External lights that can be dimmed for patients enjoyment during DVD viewing and/or nap.
  • Highly trained, friendly & understanding hyperbaric chamber technicians.